BIOGRAPHYIgnacio Maysonet


Ignacio R. Maysonet was born and raised in the Bronx, New york. He currently resides in the Bronx with his wife and family.

His childhood, like most children growing up in the Bronx, consisted of playing stick-ball, basketball, roller-skating, and flying kites but “I was always interested in how things worked and how to make them better.”

As an enthusiastic, energetic and inquisitive child, he was always trying to figure out how things worked and what he could do to improve how they functioned. Even as a young adult his interest was in creating toys out of scrap metal, using gears and moving parts from old clocks or anything available in order to creat something out of nothing.

During his childhood he made his own shoeshine box, you can say that was the begining of his entrepreneurial spirit.

After buying his shoe shine equipment, he would work after school, to put monies aside to purchase his first Erector set.
So the story began of his love for inventing. He dreamed of doing something great for humanity and being a hero.

After graduating high school, he entered the restaurant field and worked his way up the ladder to become a creative chef by profession. He worked in the restaurant industry for 30 years.

Mr. Maysonet’s creative spark, ingenuity and passion have led him to other endeavors. His love for life and compassion for others have always guided every step throughout his life. An example of this occured one day in 2006 as he was watching the evening news and saw yet another tragic accident involving the gap between the station platform and the subway train.

He was so moved by this tragedy he began to wonder what could be done to help eliminate this problem. He saw a need for a solution to something that could have tragic consequences for others. His creative spark began to flow and resulted in his inventing the Sliding Platform. He worked relentlessly day and night on developing a solution and perfecting it. He then patented it and is currently working zealously to bring this invention to market and prevent future injuries to clients and staff of all railroads.